5 reasons why you should aerate your lawn

The weather is starting to get better and flowers are starting to bloom, which means it’s time to get your lawn ready for the season.  And one of the best ways to get your lawn in check is to get it aerated and jumpstart a healthy lawn. The following are 5 reasons why you should aerate your lawn:

SONY DSC1. Gets air into the soil

Lawns often get compacted from foot traffic and just overall use. As a result, the soil has fewer space to breathe, and the lawn needs space to breathe and supply its roots with oxygen. By creating holes in the ground, it breaks down the soil and gives the lawn some space to loosen up the particles and allow oxygen to get in better.





SONY DSC2. Nutrients get into the soil by the roots system

As with reason No. 1, the soil needs some space to allow nutrients to get to the root system. With compacted soils, it prevents roots from expanding and interferes with drainage and the filtration of water, which disrupts the process of the roots soaking up the nutrients needed to survive. Once again, breaking up the ground with holes allows some space in the soil.





3. Allows water to penetrate the soil better

Rain and irrigation water compacts the soil, reducing space for roots to grow. However, by aerating, it allows rain and irrigation water to soak farther into the soil. This will allow the root system to grow better and allow the nutrients to be soaked up better.






4. Helps get rid of the thatch layer

If thatch is left unmanaged there can often be serious problems with lawn pests and can often cause problems with trying to maintain the overall care of the lawn. In many lawns, a thatch layer of more than a 1/2 inch will keep the lawn from soaking up nutrients, water and fertilizers placed on the lawn. By aerating, it reduces some of that thatch layer and mixes it up with some of the soil, helping soil organisms break up the thatch.




DSC004425. Eliminates uneven parts of the lawn from worms

Worms are a very vital aspect of a great lawn. They, too, help with filtration and the breakdown of the soil. However, with a compacted lawn, worms have little room to break through the soil. As a result, the worms can often create uneven parts in the lawn. By aerating it gives the worms more room to do their job, thus helping promote a healthy lawn.

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