Fall Foundation Spray



Pests such as spiders, ants and other outdoor insects invade our homes as the temperatures drop as they search for winter protection. Once inside, these pests are difficult to get rid of. However, prevention is the best method to ensure these pests do not invade your home. One of the best methods is a fall foundation spray, which sets up a barrier during the winter months. The foundation spray is applied directly to the foundation of your home, providing a barrier for a few months. If the fall foundation spray is followed up by a spring foundation spray, your home will be protected for most of the year. One or two additionally applications may be needed to provide a full year of protection.

At Ferta-Lawn, all of our lawn technicians have been trained and licensed to spray for these pests safely. Call Ferta-Lawn to learn more about the foundation spray and how to get signed up for this home application. If you sign up to receive a foundation spray on the same day as your lawn application, we'll give you a discount.





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