Winterizer and fall weed control


The weather is getting colder, which means the growing season is coming to an end. However, fall is one of the most important times of the year to help your lawn through the winter months. A winterizer fertilizer application -- nitrogen and other nutrients -- for the lawn keeps the soil healthy through the winter season, which helps prevent disease and injury to your lawn. Additionally, a winterizer application will help your lawn maintain a better color in the winter, allows for a quicker bounce back in the spring and helps establish the root system.

And if that's not enough, an application of weed killer is essential in keeping weeds from taking over your lawn in the next growing season. Weeds grow throughout the year and need to be controlled even during the winter months. A weed killer application in the fall keeps the weeds from germinating in the winter and spring months, which gives you a fighting chance before the growing season already begins. If a weed killer is applied in the fall months and a pre-emergent application is performed in the spring, your weed problem will be drastically reduced. Consistent weed applications will ensure your lawn is healthy and green throughout the year.





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