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When your lawn is bumpy, hasn't thickened up very well, you see a lot of standing water, or you get a lot of traffic on your lawn.

Watch a video about aeration


Time of Year

Best time to aerate your lawn is in the springtime. However if there is a lot of soil compaction may want to do in early fall. Stay away from aerating your lawn when temperatures are above 90 degrees as this may hurt the root system.


Soil compaction does not allow the root system to get out and grow properly. This will give a bare look to the lawn or the lawn just doesn't look like it is growing well.


Aeration is a powerful tool to help your grass and the root system to grow. It allows earthworms to recieve air so they don't have to come up to deposit their castings. It also allows water, air, and nutients down to the roots of the grass to allow the grass to get the most out of these beneficial nutrients. This will also help in the breaking down of the thatch layer which is just below the growing point of the grass. We do not recommend power raking as this process tends to hurt the grass plant more than helping it.