Ascochyta Leaf Blight

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Ascochyta Leaf Blight


A common problem in kentucky bluegrass that will have a uniform look throughout the lawn. At first signs desease looks like drought stress or fertilizer burn. It can completely take over a whole lawn in a matter of days. It will look straw colored throughout the lawn.
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Time of Year

It may appear throughout the growing season but is more common when day temperatures are hot and night temperatures are cool. Hot conditions then turning cold and moist can also affect this disease.


This disease resembles drought stress except it appears the brown spots appear quickly. Tips of the blades have a tip burning effect and as you look down the blde where the green of the blade meets the brown of the blade a purplish line can be seen. In some areas purple blades may been seen in the areas also. High nitrogen can make this disease spread even faster. At times when lawn is fertilized and the disease is in the grass you can literally see the lawn change in one day. This disease is a leaf disease that does not go into the crown or root system.


Basically one of the easier diseases to treat. Must use a contact fungicide and it will turn around in less than a week. Trying to use a preventer is not recommend has this disease really is moisture and temperature driven. When using chemical control, be sure to read and follow all label directions when using any chemical.