caption 1

Dandelion Flower

caption 2

Imature Dandelion

caption 3

Dandelion Seed Head

caption 4

Dandelion Tap Root



A perennial that is an herb. When stem of flower is broken a milky substance can be seen. It can be anywhere from 2 to 12 inches. Has a long tap root system. Has yellow flowers and a puff ball seed head. This weed can be a problem in all areas of the landscape.

Time of Year

Dandelion is first noticed in mid to late spring and in a few weeks after that the flower is noticable for a few days. 


This is a fairly common weed and is real noticable when it flowers. After it flowers it then produces a puff ball seed head looking like hundreds of little umbrellas that are carried away by wind, mowing ect through neighborhoods.


Can be a harder weed to control. Like all weeds it does not like competition. With a thick healthy lawn this weed will not grow. Can be treated by any 3 way herbicide or pulled out. Being careful not to leave any root behind as the weed will then continue to resprout  again. Will die back on a hard frost in the fall time. When using any chemical control, be sure to read and follow all label directions for any product used.