Necrotic Ringspot

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Necrotic Ringspot


Aperennial disease of Kentucky bluegrass which results in circular or doughnut shaped patches of dead grass. For more detailed information click on Necrotic Ringspot 

Time of Year

Symptoms often develop in the summertime and if spring is wet or lawns are over watered this will increase chances of getting this disease.


Necrotic Ringspot often appears in three or more years of established lawns. May be seen throught out the year but intensifies during the summer months. A brown circle may appear and then the outside of the cirlce will begin to sing with a tuff of grass in the middle of the circle that remains to be green. As disease develops patches get worse throughout the area and depending on the amount of mositure that is continually applied will get worse. 


Best method to treat this disease is to over seed lawn with resistant Necrotic Ringspot grasses. Heavy watering and clay soils promote this disease so make sure not to over water lawn. Stay away from high nitrogen fertilizers, rely on slow release nitrogens. Fungicides may be applied but it will only suppress the disease and not get rid of the disease that is why we recommend to over seed the lawn. When using any chemical control, be sure to read and follow all label directions to any product used.