Pest Control in Utah - Common Lawn-Damaging Insects

Controlling the pest population could be key to keeping your lawn green

Is your neighbor’s lawn lush and green while yours is struggling?  Have you tried fertilizers, weed killers, and other methods to get the grass healthy?  One common cause of unhealthy lawns that regularly get overlooked is insects.  There are a lot of different insects that can infiltrate your yard and start wreaking havoc.  Some bugs will create obvious signs they are there, while others can be more subtle. Before you start spraying for pests, you need to know what kind of problem you're facing.

Unfortunately, people rarely know their yards have a bug problem until they have already caused a lot of damage.  This is a major reason why treating or spraying your lawn for insects regularly may be critical to keeping it healthy.  Getting a professionally licensed company in Davis County to routinely spray can kill the pests before they can cause any major damage.

If you already have a bug problem in your yard, all is not lost.  There are treatments that can get rid of almost any type of infestation you might be dealing with.  There are three or four major pests that can attack our lawns. The most common in Utah is the billbug, a kind of tiny weevil. Billbugs and their larva shred the roots of grass and flower beds. The best way to treat for billbugs is a preventative chemical treatment early in the spring. This can protect your lawn all year.

Another common pest is the chinch bug. These are relatively new to Utah, but the damage we have seen this little bug do is incredible. Chinch bugs are native to the grasslands of the Midwest, and when the prairie gave way to farming with corn and wheat, their population exploded. This is another bug that is best treated with preventative care. We have found spraying with Merit or laying down Arena to be the most effective pesticides for treating chinch bugs.

We recommend against using a regular pesticide spraying program, for several reasons. The pesticides that we use are generally safe for people and pets, but we all want to avoid unnecessary exposure to more chemicals. Another reason that is often overlooked is that most of the insects that share our outdoors spaces are actually good for the environment and help keep your grass ecosystem healthy. For instance, some kinds of ants will actually feed on the grubs that cause damage to your lawn. We like to do everything we can to encourage the anti-pest bugs and avoid spraying too much, which is a more natural way to keep your lawn healthy.

If you have any suspicion that there is a pest problem growing in your lawn, one of our licensed professionals in Davis County can come out for an inspection and help you determine what the right course of action is. It may be that a round of chemical treatment or spraying for bugs or a preventative measure will be what you need to keep it looking its best or restore it to its former health.