Proper Mowing

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Proper mowing is essential in health and vigor of the lawn and a healthy thick lawn will also keep weeds out without using alot of chemical applications. The proper height of the lawn for Kentucky Bluegrass is 3 inches. Most lawn mowers should be placed on the highest setting for early summer to early fall cuttings. In early spring the ideal is to mow your lawn short the first or second time to pick up the leaves and to cut some grass. As this is done it stimulates the grass and sends a message to the root system that it is time to grow. If you have a company mow your lawn, you can dictate to them what you expect your lawn to look like after they mow, if they don't follow your advice it may be time to try someone new.

Watch a video about proper mowing

Time of Year

This can occur throughout the growing season..


When your lawn looks green and after it is mowed it looks lighter in color. When this happens it means the grass is mowed too short.


Raise your cutting height. If you are used to short cuttings it may take a bit to get used to but in the long run your grass will look better, be healthier, keep weeds out, and will take less water.