Spring Prep

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Lawn Matted

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Lawn Raked

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Lawn Aeration

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Proper Mowing

Spring Prep


In the spring you will notice the lawn is brown and matted down. Lawn looks dead because of the grass in dormancy.

Watch a video about Spring preparation of your lawn

Time of Year

Late Fall-Early Spring


After winter lawn is matted down with all the snow on it. Looking brown and just does not look good.


Spring Preparation begins in Late Fall of the previous year. Lower your mowing on the last mow of the year to pick up leaves and other debris. Do not scalp lawn just lower the mowing a notch. Now in Early Spring if the lawn is matted down you can lightly rake lawn to puff up the grass. We do not recommend power raking. Then mow lawn first chance you can when the snow is gone and lawn is not wet or saturated. This sends a message to the grass that it is time to start growing. Aeration is a great tool in the spring time as this will allow nutrients, water, and air to the root system. As the temperatures rise the grass will then start turning green, patience will be a key to your success also in allowing mother nature to do her job.