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Milky Spurge

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An annual weed that grows close to the ground. Tiny leaves with a small purple dot in the middle of the leaf. When stem is broken, a milky substance oozes out.

Time of Year

This weed germinates later than crabgrass and usally is found mid summer.


This weed is a common weed and found in flowerbeds, along trimmed edges and in lawns if mowed too short. The thicker than stand of grass the better for weed control as this weed does not compete with other weeds at all.


Two main ways to control this weed. First mow lawn high and keep lawn thick and healthy and spurge will not be a problem. When edging do not use a weed whip and cut into the soil. An early spring application of pre-emergent will help to control spurge also. When using chemical control, be sure to read and follow all label directions for any product used.