Watering and Fertilizing Your Lawn in Utah

With the right steps you can have the beautiful lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood.

We take great pride in our homes.  We spend a lot energy, time, and money maintaining our houses and making it fit our style.  For many people, this begins with the yard.  Landscaping is something that is easily seen and so we put a priority on keeping it nice.

Landscaping starts with having a beautiful, lush, green lawn.  Every neighborhood has that one yard with the perfect grass that seems to always be immaculate while requiring far less effort than all the others.  Ever wonder what they are doing that others aren’t?

One of the most important things they might be doing is to have their lawn properly fertilized by a licensed professional.  People use their yards for many different things.  Everything from showing off to relaxation and family time make having lush green grass even more important.  The easiest and best way to get perfectly green grass is through regular and proper maintenance.  This might sound difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

The first step in caring for a lawn is making sure it’s treated right with the correct chemicals.  There many different types and breeds of grass, and there are fertilizers balanced and designed to maximize impact for each type.  It takes knowledge and experience with all the different options available to get the best results for your lawn.  This means less chemical treatment actually being applied to the lawn, with far better outcome.

Fertilizers are only part of the treatment that needs to happen.  Making sure the entire yard is sprayed to ensure no insects can get into the grass is also important.  Trying to manage treating your yard with fertilizers and pest control can be overwhelming, not to mention expensive.  By having a company manage it all, your yard will look great while saving you a lot of time at a minimal expense.

Controlling the water used on grass is also important.  The amount of water should be carefully monitored.  Too much moisture can be just as bad as too little.  Every area will require different watering needs based on climate, soil type and other factors.  Lawns in Utah during the summer will require about 2.5 inches of water per week. If you have sandy soil, shorter sessions will help the water get to the grass instead of losing it to underground runoff.

Proper mowing and trimming is also important.  When mowing your lawn in the summertime, we recommend having the blade height set to at least the second to highest setting.  Try to keep the grass as long as possible while still being under control.  This allows the grass to work for you while taking less water. It also helps in keeping weeds out and overcoming damage from insects.

When these steps are followed, a lawn will be lush and full with minimal effort and expense.  Having a yard that is both beautiful and fun to use will be yours.  Everyone in the neighborhood will be asking themselves, “What’s their secret to a great lawn?”