White Grub

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White Grub Larvae

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Grub Damage

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June Beetle

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White Grub

White Grub


A larvae that eats the roots of the grass. Can be as large as one inch and a half.

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Time of Year

Grubs are usually found end of July or first of August


First signs of grub is the lawn will look like it is in drough stress. Spots to look for are: spots that are near cement walkways, roadways, curbs, or driveways. They like the heat. When grubs are found the lawn will actually roll up like a piece of carpet and in the soil you will see many grub larvae almost sitting on top of the soil. This problem seems to be more on the west side of the cities like Farmington, Kaysville, Woods Cross and West Bountiful. The hotter the temperatures get the worse the damage will be.


If you have had trouble with grubs the next year you will want to put down a preventative. A product that contains clothianidin or imidaclorprid will work the best. These products will be put down around the last week in May to the second week of June. When using any chemical control, read and follow all label directions for any product.