General FAQs
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Listed below are the General Frequently Asked Questions. Click on the +/- to see the full answer.

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Why should I choose Ferta-lawn over another company?

There are many companies that provide lawn care services. We are confident that you will be pleased with the high level of service and quality that Ferta-Lawn provides. We use the best products available without cutting corners. Our knowledgeable employees have years of experience in lawncare and are completely licensed through the Utah State Agriculture Department. We pride ourselves on providing information on the services we perform without being over-bearing through telemarketing. We work as partners with you in achieving the best results. Our easy payment options and customizable programs are excellent for anyone wanting to get a beautiful yard without the hassle.

How do I sign up for services?

Signing up is easy. Just call our office and request the services you want. If we haven't estimated your lawn, your personal technician will be out the next day to give you a free estimate on your lawn and/or trees. We can be contacted by email at

How do I pay for services?

We offer many payment options for your benefit. Choose from prepaying (discount offered), invoiced at time of service (mail in check), equal monthly payment plans (monthly statement sent by mail), or call in your credit card. You can also pay online by credit card by going to

When is my next application?

After each lawn application, we leave behind a "comeback" card which has the date of your next scheduled application. If you would also like to have a phone call, text message, or email as a reminder, just let us know. If you have misplaced your card, just give our office a call.

My application date is inconvenient. Can I change it?

It's just a phone call away. Notify us at least a day before your scheduled application, and let us know what day is better for you.

Does Ferta-Lawn spray for the Hobo spiders?

Yes, our foundation application will control the Hobo spider as well as other spiders and insects. However, we cannot spray inside your house. See information on our foundation spray.

Our soil has a very high clay content. Should I add sand to help improve the soil?

Good soil does contain particles of clay, sand, and silt, however sand does not improve clay soil. Adding sand to clay makes cement! To improve any soil, always add organic matter.